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Your profession focuses on the well-being of your patients. Rife Interactive focuses on the business well-being of your practice – engaging existing and new patients to build your practice and your profitability.

Grow your patient base

Here’s a short video suitable for any format (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.) that we can quickly and easily customise to fit your business needs and objectives. Why a video, as opposed to print ads, the way dentists traditionally advertise?

Because it’s cost-effective (typically under £100) and because video content is the most effective way to reach your audience. You don’t do dental work using tools from 20 years ago. We don’t promote your business using tools from 20 years ago. A single video presentation strategically placed on multiple social media platforms is more effective than print to:

  • target your prospective audience
  • convert higher percentages of viewers to patients

Here’s just a few industry statistics to chew on: one-third of all online activity is spent watching video…and video results in 20% to 30% more conversions on Facebook than image/text ads.

Take a look at our video below and see if it makes you smile in anticipation of how it can work to help build your practice. There’s even more we can do by providing a range of dental marketing services that can make you smile even wider.

Land More Dental Appointments

Make an appointment with us at 01494 816286 or at and let’s examine how we can help build your dental practice.

We work with dental practices who want to be seen as the best in their field. Dental Marketing London.

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