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Better patients

We’re dental marketing specialists. Want a website that wows? Need to build your online presence? Looking to retain and grow your patient base? Lucky you – that’s just what we do, and more! Rife Interactive is home to a team of dental marketing specialists who can help you with anything and everything you might need.

The specialist dental marketing company

As a dental professional, your expertise probably lies in helping patients, not promoting your practice. While you could try to take that task on yourself, you’ll likely have more success if you hire a dental marketing company.

At Rife Interactive, we have extensive experience in online marketing for dentists. We’ll create a custom strategy for your practice, providing a well-rounded dental website marketing plan to polish your online presence. That includes:

  • Target audience research. We’ll help you find the right traffic for your website, and identify your target audience’s needs and preferences.
  • Lead capturing. Through effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and content marketing, we’ll improve your ability to lock in new patients.
  • Website optimisation. As experts in dental marketing services, we know that your website is the centrepiece of your online presence. Smooth appointment booking and checkout processes are key to providing a positive experience for your site’s visitors, so we’ll help you refine yours.
  • Patient retention. For their own health and wellness, we want your patients to see you regularly. Quality engagement keeps you at the forefront of their minds, so biannual visits to your practice aren’t forgotten.

Dental Marketing London

Our team of specialists is well versed in dental online marketing services. Further, as a dental marketing company, we’re familiar with the unique needs of professionals in your industry and how to effectively communicate your value to leads.

To start with, we’ll help you attract new patients through dental SEO marketing. Keyword optimisation, link building, and other strategies for dental website marketing are Rife Interactive’s bread and butter, and we’re happy to use our skills to your benefit.

We also know the value of engagement when it comes to online marketing for dentists. Our experts will help you retain patients, by building lasting relationships through social media and other key communication channels.

Of course, trust is at the foundation of positive patient-dentist relationships. That’s why our dental marketing services also include high-quality content creation – including website copy, blog posts, newsletters, videos, and more – to inform leads and help them feel at ease.

Online Marketing for Dentists

We believe the results of our dental marketing services speak for themselves. Past clients have seen significant improvements to their practices, including:

  • A 207 percent increase in new leads after six months.
  • 353 organic first-page search engine rankings per company.
  • A 23 percent conversion rate increase after the first month of service.

For dental marketing in London and beyond, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an agency more experienced than ours. We offer three affordable dental SEO marketing packages, each of which provides ongoing maintenance of your social media accounts and digital content.

To get started with our dental online marketing services, contact us today!

Great Social Media Results in Better Smiles… For You and Your Patients

When it comes to dental marketing how do you as a dental practitioner define success? Taking pride and enjoyment in your professional dedication to the health of your patients is of course primary. But, the fact is to be successful also means making a profit from the business of dentistry. Which means you need to be a successful marketer. To get the word out about your practice. How you help patients maintain and improve their dental health beyond regular appointments. And build your practice by expanding your patient base.

Back to school

Do you have the skills, never mind the time?

But doing marketing isn’t why you went to dental school. Or something you really have the time or familiarity to do.

Rife Interactive doesn’t know the first thing about how to fill a cavity; what we do know is how to fulfil your marketing needs and develop rewarding long-lasting relationships. With existing patients as well as acquire new patients.

The importance of social media

Social media; websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube and the like; are designed to share content quickly to both broad and niche audiences. And because social media is, particularly for younger patients, today’s preferred method of communication. It is the most cost-effective way to connect with existing and prospective new patients. Offer programs to improve their health, and expand your practice business.

dental marketing services

Social media marketing

To effectively market using social media, though, requires concentrated effort. Technical competency and analytics to determine what is getting the right attention. As well as what isn’t and how to fix it.

Again, not why you went to dental school.

The importance of effective social media strategy and implementation

Rife Interactive’s experienced content creation team saves you a huge amount of time and frustration figuring out what to say and, moreover, how to say it right. Content that is not only well written, but strategically written. To achieve high Internet search visibility and attract interest in as well as loyalty to your services.

Dental marketing made smart & simple

Decisions about content and execution are driven by data about patient data and behaviour on social media and websites. We constantly monitor activity to make appropriate modifications and course corrections. To provide relevant content in sync with patient needs coupled to your marketing objectives.

The Four Cycles of Modern Marketing

Rife Interactive focus on the four cycles of profit generation. Attracting new customers. Providing the information they need to feel comfortable buying. Converting traffic into buyers. And retaining buyers with engaging content so they purchase again in the future. And share their experience with their friends.

A simple process, but one that few follow as it involves a lot of hard work. That needs to be meticulous.

1. Attract

Who is your ideal customer?

We’ll help you find the RIGHT traffic for your website.

We delve inside the heads of your most passionate buyers to discover their goals, challenges, objections, and preferences. Then we hit the web to find more of these people.

2. Inform

What does your target audience want to know?

Rife Interactive will set up automatic lead capturing to take prospects through the sales cycle.

We deliver valuable content like blogs, ebooks, newsletters, whitepapers, videos, social posts, tip sheets, web content, and whatever your prospects need to feel comfortable buying from you.

3. Convert

What final reservations do prospects have?

Plus, we’ll optimise your online ability to sell.

We ensure your website is set up with the most relevant tools to make selling as simple as possible.

4. Retain

How can you bring these buyers back for more?

What’s more, we’ll keep buyers interested and engaged so you can up-sell or benefit from word-of-mouth marketing.

We research buyer desires and provide your customers with remarkable content that satisfies their needs.

See how Liverpool’s most popular dental practice went from zero to £1.5m

Effective dental marketing

See how Smileworks became Liverpool’s most popular dental practice.

To succeed in dental marketing today, you have three choices:

  1. Teach yourself
  2. Have a professional teach you (talk to us about our training plans)
  3. Or let a professional do it for you

Achieve more from your dental marketing budget

Your patients are looking for more convenient ways to communicate, increasingly online. So it’s never been more important for dental practitioners to be on their radar. We help cosmetic dentists with smart and simple marketing in a modern way, to increase revenue.

Dental Marketing London – You Can Trust Us

We’re dental marketing specialists.

Our team of designers, developers, SEO and marketing experts will show you how we’ll take your business to the next level. What’s more, we’re always on the lookout for the best and brightest web designers and digital marketers to work with. 

 ‘The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.’ Ernest Hemingway.

dental marketing services

The importance of our dental marketing

We offer three affordable results-oriented SEO programs (the most comprehensive – and therefore highly recommended – is £1999 a month) designed especially for the dental practitioner. SEO stands for “search engine optimisation” which involves a combination of data analytics and creative keyword-driven content to ensure when someone is looking on the Internet for dental services and information, your practice is at the top of the search list.

Each plan continually maintains relevant fresh and focused content. Engages potential patient prospects. Extends your digital footprint and increases practice revenues.

Some Results To Chew On

Here’s what happens when you partner with Rife Interactive to engage social media to build your dental practice.


Average increase in new lead generation after 6 months.


Average number of organic first page rankings per company.


Average conversion rate increase per month.

Recent Projects

Looking for a bespoke course that will teach you how to get your business to the top slot on Google?

See how we’ll research your competitors’ and work with your keywords.

We work with startups, growing, small, and medium-sized businesses on websites, online shops, blogs and anything “web”.

We deliver:

✔ Websites that look professional and work

✔ More customers to interact with

✔ Cost effective solutions for most budgets

✔ Simple plans that you will understand and be proud of