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Digital Marketing Made Smart & Simple

Rife Interactive was founded to address a common customer complaint: Your company’s website looks good, but it doesn’t convert to sales or leads — why?

When choosing a company for your next digital marketing project, we like to make it as simple as possible.

We understand that there is a lot to consider and some people know exactly what they want while others need advice and suggestions.

From the planning, initial designs, building and usability testing we are there to help you every step of the way.

Smart & Simple

With you at the centre.

So, looking for some expert help with your digital marketing, website or blog?

But bamboozled by the jargon, pricing structures and complexity?

We offer a smart and simple service.

With fixed pricing.

We use plain language.

Solid As A Rock.

Our web design work is bespoke, so when you commission a website from us you know it is going to be tailor-made for you and the needs of your organisation. You can also rest assured that our code is secure, reliable and will just work, and keep on working.

‘Now, what I want is Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life… You can only form the mind of reasoning animals upon Facts: nothing else will ever be of any service to them.’ Thomas Gradgrind in Hard Times by Charles Dickens.

We are not trying to sound like Thomas Gradgrind, but today, having an opinion on how to implement your digital marketing strategy won’t cut it for you. If you want to win and win big, you need the facts.

You must analyse your business and competitors’ data and answer the 5 ‘W’s of digital marketing:

1. What are they clicking?

2. When did they click?

3. Where did the traffic come from?

4. What directed traffic to your business or competitors’ website?

5. Who is clicking?

And finally, what can you do to achieve superior results?

Now, your competitors and others have been building the facts for over 20 years. The data is out there. But how do you shuffle through it to find those untapped, digital marketing opportunities? Your search ends at Rife Interactive.

We leverage the power of the latest AI tools to enable predictive analytics and high ROI on your digital marketing campaigns. We drill down the data and quickly discover what has worked for your competition, what has not worked, and more importantly, what will work best for you.

Our AI and fact driven approach makes digital marketing simple and highly effective. It guarantees that your keyword strategy, competitor analysis, and content strategy are as good as they can be at launch. Then, it enables real time tracking of your campaigns, highlighting trends and opportunities that you can capitalise on to stay at the top.

Effective digital marketing needs big data, big data needs AI …and WE bridge the gap.

What Makes Us Different?

Link bait, click bait, jacks of all trades, are a thing of the past.

Today, effective digital marketing is all about quality and compliance with Google terms of use and services. That said, our people are our key strength.

We have invested a lot of resources in putting together and training a team of experts who truly understand big data, AI and digital marketing.

And we never forget that ultimately, digital marketing is all about relationships. Our relationship with you and your relationship with potential customers searching for the solution or the products you offer.

Our primary focus is to connect your business with right digital audience, and to help you establish long-lasting, value adding relationships with them.

We make it easy for you to work with a team of white hat digital marketing strategists, copywriters, and technical SEO’s who understand big data and AI.

Why Use Digital Marketing?

Increase Visibility and Sales

SEO services help to increase your ranking in search engines which increases your visibility. The extra traffic does wonders to your bottom line.

Build Your Digital Footprint

The long-term gain of a successful SEO campaign is that your business will be deeply embedded in the online world. Once the SEO machine starts rolling, it will give a natural momentum to your branding needs, bypassing the need for conventional advertising. Properly implemented backlinks and good content goes a long way in defining your website in the world of search-engines.

Connect With Your Customers

You can not only capture new customers but also connect with them through social media and in-built platforms. This will enable you to build trust among your customers and ensure a steady support base.

Dental Marketing London

Dental patients are looking for more convenient ways to communicate, increasingly online, so it’s never been more important for dental practitioners to be on their radar. We help cosmetic dental practitioners with smart and simple marketing in a more modern way, all while increasing revenues.

SEO Services London

We work with startups, growing, small, and medium-sized businesses on websites, online shops, blogs and anything “web”.

We deliver:

✔ Websites that look professional and work

✔ More customers to interact with

✔ Cost effective solutions for most budgets

✔ Simple plans that you will understand and be proud of

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