Feel like your whole lead generation strategy is flatlining? We have the tools to breathe new life into your game plan, so you can collect quality leads, nurture potential customers, and convert prospects into clients, customers or patients.

Let’s shake up your strategy today.

Need more leads, clients, customers or patients? But don’t have a clue how to make the lovely world wide web work in your favour?

Then we should talk.

Let's Shake Up Your Digital Strategy

Let's Shake Up Your Digital Strategy

I’ve been helping modern companies find new clients online.

As the founder of Rife Interactive, I help businesses make more money and have more fun doing it!

I don’t only talk the talk but I walk the walk.

I love helping purpose-driven companies and entrepreneurs.

If you feel like I could help your company in any way shape or form, or you are interested in collaborating with me, I would love to hear from you.



competitor analysis

To be on top of the game, you need to know what your top competitors are doing. It is the most vital part of any good SEO strategy and we put our best minds on developing advanced competitors’ profiles at the start of each project to help ensure you’re getting the best return.

seo services

Rife Interactive offer a range of SEO services and digital marketing solutions to attract people searching for your products and/or services. What’s more, we can give you the tools and skills to better engage with them, sell to them and grow your business.


We offer unparalleled PPC services that are both affordable and effective. Our PPC approach is not a stab in the dark; it is backed by data-driven research. Each PPC campaign is managed by one of our PPC experts, who will be your guide and support during the entire campaign.
Additional Services

Additional Services

Dental Marketing
Rife Interactive doesn’t know the first thing about how to fill a cavity; what we do know is how to fulfil your marketing needs and develop rewarding long-lasting relationships. With existing patients as well as acquire new patients.
Internet Marketing Service
We work with startups, growing, small, and medium-sized businesses on websites, online shops, blogs and anything “web”.

We deliver:

✔ Websites that look professional and work

✔ More customers to interact with

✔ Cost effective solutions for most budgets

✔ Simple plans that you will understand and be proud of
Our executive team

Our executive team

Jack Spand

Michelle Winter

Livia Lopez

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Contact Us


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